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One instrument – simpler and safer. The S1 System allows you to carry out root canal treatment using one single mechanical instrument. Probing the canal and preparing a glide path is done using hand files. The instrument´s performance in combination with the system´s reciprocating motion minimizes the risk of instrument fracture. S1 Files Small 15/06 can be used as a complement when treating narrow canals.

S1 Files delivers in sterile packaging – ready to use straight from the box.

S1 files

Ref Product description Pieces
S1232506BS S1 Files Standard 25/06 – 23 mm 6 pcs/box
S1282506BS S1 Files Standard 25/06 – 28 mm 6 pcs/box
S1231506BS S1 Files Small 15/06 – 23 mm 6 pcs/box
S1281506BS S1 Files Small 15/06 – 28 mm 6 pcs/box




























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