S1 System







We are making root canal treatment even more simple and cost-effective. With our unique design the S1 system allows you to carry out root canal treatment with reciprocating motion using one single mechanical instrument.

The S1 Files come in sterile packaging and ready to use straight from the box.


1. Smart contra-angle handpiece
The S1 contra-angle handpiece contains a unique integrated gearbox which creates reciprocating motion – the instrument rotates 180° clockwise and 30° anti-clockwise alternately. You connect the contra-angle handpiece straight to your dental unit with no need for an external motor.

2.Just one instrument
The S1 System is a single file system. You only need one mechanical instrument for the treatment. This means treatment is faster and easier for you and your dental team.

3. Practical packaging
The S1 instruments come in a sterile Treatment Pack, specially designed to meet today´s hygiene standards.

4. The S1-profile is extremely effective
The S1 System´s reciprocating motion does justice to Sendoline´s unique S-profile. The motion means the instruments´ double cutting edges work extremely effectively in the root canal.

5. Less risk of instrument fractures
The combination of the instrument´s reciprocating motion and the nickel titanium alloy´s elasticity and flexibility minimize the risk of instrument fracture.






































S1 system