The S1 System – reciprocating, smooth and flexible. Like a dance.

Reciprocating, smooth and flexible. With new technology the S1 System makes root canal treatment more simple.

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Discontinued Sendoline files

Due to regulatory requirements following Sendoline files will be discontinued from Directa product range as of 16 May 2024, Paste Fillers with/without spring and EFEX-K Files.

S5 Apex Locator discontinued!

Sendoline S5 Apex Locator, item 385S15001 has been discontinued from Directa´s product range by February 2024.  

Sendoline S3 System – New unique file system!

With the new unique endodontic system – Sendoline S3 System – you can work reciprocating or with continuous rotation movement with the same instruments. Click here to learn more.