The S1 System – reciprocating, smooth and flexible. Like a dance.

Reciprocating, smooth and flexible. With new technology the S1 System makes root canal treatment more simple.

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New course dates for the UK

New course dates for our popular dread endo courses in the UK is now availible. Read more here.

The S1 Standard File is discontinued and replaced with the S1 Plus File

We have improved the S1 System by replacing the S1 Files Standard 25/06 (the original instrument for the S1 System) with the more flexible S1 Plus Standard File. The S1 […]

Sendoline invented the S cross section used for the S-File

Sendoline has a long experience of developing endodontic instruments. Did you know that it was the Swedish company Sjödings (today´s Sendoline) who developed the famous Hedström-file (also known as H-File) […]