S1® Accessories

S1® Apex Clip

The S1® Apex Clip can easily be connected to the S1® contra-angle handpiece for determination of the working length.

S1® Insulating Sleeve

Use when performing apex assessment to prevent inaccurate results caused by undesired leakage currents.

REF Description Pieces/box Content


S1® Apex Clip dia. 2.0mm


1 pcs/box

REF Description Pieces/box Content


S1® Insulating Sleeve (for S1-E / S1-A)


5 pcs/box

File size File name Description
668 KB S1-Plus-Brochure-English_ext.pdf S1® Plus brochure-English
599 KB S1-Plus-Brochure-Swedish_ext.pdf S1® Plus brochure-Swedish
674 KB S1-Plus-Brochure-French_ext.pdf S1® Plus brochure-French
494 KB S1-Standard-Brochure-German_ext.pdf S1® Standard brochure-German



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