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S1 contra-angle handpiece with reciprocating motion

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You easily connect the S1 contra-angle handpiece directly to your dental unit. No need of an external motor and there are no batteries to be charged.

The S1 contra-angle handpiece has an integrated gearbox which creates reciprocating motion directly in the contra-angle. This means the instrument rotates alternately with a larger angle in clockwise direction and a smaller angle in anti-clockwise direction. The unique design with an integrated gearbox facilitating smooth operation. With the accompanying apex clip you can easy connect the S1 contra-angle handpiece to an apex locator.

Clean and maintain your S1 contra-angle handpiece in the same way as you do with other contra-angle handpieces. You do not need an extra adapter in your lubrication and cleaning machine. This contribute to simple and smooth handling.

You perfom your root canal treatments with the S1 Plus instruments which are effective, flexible and work extremely well in combination with the reciprocating motion from the S1 contra-angle handpiece. This make the S1 System safe to use.



S1-E Contra-Angle Handpiece for electric driven systems (40 000 rpm)

Complete set

1x S1-E Contra-Angle Handpiece, 1x S1 Apex Clip dia.2.0mm, 1x S1 Plus Treatment Pack


S1-A Contra-Angle Handpiece for air driven systems (20 000 rpm)

Complete set

1x S1-A Contra-Angle Handpiece, 1x S1 Apex Clip dia. 2.0mm, 1x S1 Plus Treatment Pack


S1 Apex Clip dia. 2.0mm


 1 pc/box


S1 Insulating Sleeve (for S1-E / S1-A)


 5 pcs/box

File sizeFile nameDescription
5 MBInstructions-for-Use_S1-Contra-Angle-Handpiece_EN-SE-NO-DA_ext.pdfIFU-S1 Contra-angle handpiece_EN_SE_No_DA
4 MBInstructions-for-Use_S1-Contra-Angle-Handpiece_EN-DE-FR-IT_ext.pdfIFU-S1 Contra-angle handpiece_EN_DE_FR_IT
5 MBInstructions-for-Use_S1-Contra-Angle-Handpiece_EN-ES-PT-RO_ext.pdfIFU-S1 Contra-angle handpiece_EN_ES_PT_RO
5 MBInstructions-for-Use_S1-Contra-Angle-Handpiece_EN-TK-EL-AR_ext.pdfIFU_S1 Contra-angle handpiece_EN_TK_EL_AR
5 MBInstructions-for-Use_S1-Contra-Angle-Handpiece_EN-FI-SE-HU_ext.pdfIFU-S1 Contra-angle handpiece_EN_FI_SE_HU
5 MBInstructions-for-Use_S1-Contra-Angle-Handpiece_-EN-CS-PL-SK_ext.pdfIFU-S1 Contra-angle handpiece_EN_CS_PL_SK
5 MBInstructions-for-Use_S1-Contra-Angle-Handpiece_EN-LV-LT-EE_ext.pdfIFU-S1 Contra-angle handpiece_EN_LV_LT_EE
5 MBInstructions-for-Use_S1-Contra-Angle-Handpiece_EN-BG-SL-HR_ext.pdfBruksanvsining S1 vinkelstycke_EN_BG_SL_HR
File sizeFile nameDescription
568 KBS1System_brochure_English_ext.pdfS1 Plus System Brochure - EN
568 KBS1System_brochure_Swedish_ext.pdfS1 Plus System Brochure - SE
569 KBS1System_brochure_French_ext.pdfS1 Plus System Brochure - FR



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