S-File profile yellowS1® Files Small 15/06

S1® Files Small 15/06

Use the S1® Files Small as a complement to S1® Plus File or S1® Files Standard, for very narrow canals.

All S1® Files come in handy pre-sterilized packages – ready to use straight from the box.

ISO/Sizes: 15/06
Length: 23 mm, 28 mm
Package: Individual in blister. All packages come with 6 pcs/box.
Material: Operating part: Nickel titanium. Handle: Metal alloy. Stopper: Silicone.

REF Description Pieces/box Content


S1® Files Small 15/06 – 23 mm


6 pcs/blister


S1® Files Small 15/06 – 28 mm


6 pcs/blister

File size File name Description
11 MB Instructions-for-use-S1-Files_ext.pdf S1® Files - Instructions for use - All European languages, AR
487 KB S1-Standard-Brochure-English_ext.pdf
599 KB S1-Standard-Brochure-Swedish_ext.pdf
494 KB S1-Standard-Brochure-German_ext.pdf S1® Standard brochure-German



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