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S1 Plus Standard 25/06

The S1 System allows you to carry out root canal treatment using one single instrument, S1 Plus file. The instrument’s performance and unique cross section in combination with longer pitches makes the instrument efficient, flexible and safe.

The S1 Plus file’s excellent flexibility makes it possible for you to treat root canals with a very severe curvature.

Probe the canal and prepare the glide path using hand files.

All S1 instruments come in a handy pre-sterilized packages. Treatment packs (sufficient for two treatments) or refills. 

ISO/Sizes: 25/06
Length: 25 mm, 31 mm
Package: Treatment Pack, Refill. All packages come with 6 pcs/box
Material: Operating part: Nickel titanium. Handle: Metal alloy. Stopper: Silicone.

REF Description Pieces/box Content


S1 Plus Treatment Pack


6 pcs/blister:
2 x K-File 10 STERILE – 25 mm
2 x K-File 15 STERILE – 25mm
2 x S1 Plus Standard 25/06 – 25 mm


S1 Plus Standard 25/06, 25 mm – refill


6 pcs/blister


S1 Plus Standard 25/06, 31 mm – refill


6 pcs/blister

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