S5 Endo Motor

S5 Endo Motor

The S5 Endo Motor is used for mechanical cleaning of the root canal. It is easy to use with only 5 pre-set torque settings and 5 files (S5 Rotary Files/S5 Rotary Files STERILE).

Each of the five S5 Rotary Files has its own pre-set torque settings with functional auto reverse. The S5 Rotary System offers a simple and effective solution for dentists. Simply perfect endo.

  • Easy to use – uses only 5 settings with 5 files (S5 Rotary Files). Cordless, no cables, more freedom.
  • Safe – 2 options: auto reverse/auto stop. Torque indicator – light indicates when 75% of the torque is reached.
  • Reduced treatment time – efficient treatment can be completed in reduced time thanks to the unique S-profile of the S5 Rotary Files.
  • Accessibility – only 11 mm diameter contra-angle head and shorter S5 shanks (13 mm).
  • Non-stop – 2,5 hours continuous use.
  • Ergonomic – weighs only 120 g.
  • Easy connection – with the apex clip to an apex locator.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
REF Description Pieces/box Content


S5 Endo Motor (with S5 Apex Clip)

Complete set

1x S5 Endo Motor, 2x S5 Apex Clip, 1x S5 Rotary Files STERILE Intro Kit (23 mm)


Drive Handpiece


1 pc/box


Contra-Angle Head incl. S5 Apex Clip


1 x S5 Contra-Angle Head, 1x S5 Apex Clip


Charging Station


1 pc/box


S5 Apex Clip


2 pcs/box


Rechargeable Battery


1 pc/box


Adaptor for Contra-Angle Head


1 pc/box


Handpiece holder


1 pc/box


S5 Insulating Sleeve (for S5 Endo Motor)


5 pcs/box

File size File name Description
2 MB Instructions-for-use_S5-Endo-Motor-Danish_ext.pdf S5 Endo Motor - IFU - Danish
2 MB Instructions-for-use_S5-Endo-Motor-English_ext.pdf S5 Endo Motor - IFU - English
2 MB Instructions-for-use_S5-Endo-Motor-Finnish_ext.pdf S5 Endo Motor - IFU - Finnish
2 MB Instructions-for-use_S5-Endo-Motor-French_ext.pdf S5 Endo Motor - IFU - French
2 MB Instructions-for-use_S5-Endo-Motor-German_ext.pdf S5 Endo Motor - IFU - German
2 MB Instructions-for-use_S5-Endo-Motor-Italian_ext.pdf S5 Endo Motor - IFU - Italian
2 MB Instructions-for-use_S5-Endo-Motor-Norweigan_ext.pdf S5 Endo Motor - IFU - Norweigan
2 MB Instructions-for-use_S5-Endo-Motor-Spanish_ext.pdf S5 Endo Motor - IFU - Spanish
2 MB Instructions-for-use_S5-Endo-Motor-Swedish_ext.pdf S5 Endo Motor - IFU - Swedish
File size File name Description
467 KB S5-Rotary-System_Brochure-English_ext.pdf S5 Rotary System-English
466 KB S5-Rotary-System_Brochure-Swedish_ext.pdf S5 Rotary System-Swedish
473 KB S5-Rotary-System_Brochure-French_ext.pdf S5 Rotary System-French
472 KB S5-Rotary-System_Brochure-German_ext.pdf S5 Rotary System-German



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