S1 – new instruments make the system complete

S1 – reciprocating, single file system. Simple. Safe. Complete.

Sendoline extends the S1 system with more instrument sizes to a complete system for all types of root canals. The new instruments S1 Plus Small 15/06 and S1 Plus Large 40/04 will be launched during the Swedental fair in November 2019.

The S1 system, launched in 2016 was developed to simplify endodontics for the entire dental team. The advantage of the S1 system compared to competitors’ mechanical endodontic systems is that the S1 contra-angle handpiece is directly connected to the dental unit. You do not need an external motor and there are no batteries to charge. In addition, the S1 system allows you to perform a root treatment with only one instrument.

The S1 contra-angle handpiece has a unique design with an integrated gearbox in the contra-angle creating the reciprocating movement (rotates alternately clockwise and counter-clockwise). It provides a smooth workflow that, along with the flexible S1 Plus instrument, provides an efficient and safe system that minimizes the risk of file fracture.

Cleaning and sterilization of the S1 contra-angle is done in the same way as for the other contra-angles in your clinic. You do not need to purchase an extra adaptor for the lubrication and cleaning machine.

S1 Plus Standard 25/06 is used for most cases, but now we are expanding the S1 system with more instrument sizes for a more complete system. The new instruments S1 Plus Large 40/04 and S1 Plus Small 15/06 have the same design as the existing S1 Plus Standard 25/06. That is, Sendoline’s S cross section profile with double-cutting edges and thin core, a non-cutting round tip, and extended pitches. These characteristics make the S1 Plus instrument very flexible and responsive in the root canal.

The S1 Plus Small 15/06 (available in 25 mm and 31 mm lengths) is a very flexible and responsive instrument for those canals that are a bit more demanding in curvature and size. It is preferably used in narrow and curved root canals. The S1 Plus Small 15/06 can also be used as a glide path file.

The S1 Plus Large 40/04 (available in 25 mm and 31 mm lengths) is designed for larger root canals where you easily reach determined working length with a hand file ISO #20. It is also used as a complement when the S1 Plus Standard 25/06 is not sufficient.

All S1 Plus instruments are sterile packed in blisters, ready to use. This, and the fact that you only need to work with one instrument, saves time for the entire dental team.