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S1 Reciprocating System

Yes, we arrange workshops on a regular basis in all markets where we are present. For information on dates, take a look at our web page Courses & Events or ask your local dealer.

The instrument S1 Plus Small 15/06 is indicated for very small / narrow canals. In canals where the S1 Plus Standard 25/06 instrument can not easily proceed to working length, use the S1 Plus Small 15/06.

We recommend that you clean, disinfect and lubricate the contra-angle in-between every patient. For more details, please consult the instructions for use.

All S1 Plus instruments are pre-sterilized and ready to use. We recommend that you use them as single-use prior to expiration date.

This situation can occur in a very long canal, where the files working part is passing the floor of the cavity. The best way to avoid this situation is to use a brushing motion with the file on the “way out” of the canal during preparation.

You can use the S1 Plus instruments and the S5 files in the S1 contra-angle handpiece.

No, it will be very difficult to do the obturation already after a size 15/06. Our recommendation is to prepare the canal up to a size 25/06 (S1 Plus Standard instrument) before obturation.

Yes, for larger canals you use the S1 Plus Large 40/04 availible in length 25 mm and 31 mm.

Use the S1 Plus Small 15/06 in cases with very narrow canals if the S1 Plus Standard 25/06 instrument does not reach working length. After reaching working length with the S1 Plus Small 15/06, finish the preparation with the S1 Plus Standard 25/06 instrument.

Yes, the files are ready to use out of the package.

No, and there is no need for it. The reciprocating movement enables safe progression of the S1 files without torque control.

The S1 Plus file has an S-shaped cross section with a positive cutting angle.

Yes, all are sterile blister packed. Ready to use.

No, we do not recommend use of the S1 Plus-files in other endo motors or contra-angle handpieces. The S1 contra-angle handpiece creates the correct movement for safe and efficient use with the S1 Plus-files.

Yes, just connect the S1 Apex Clip to the S1 contra-angle handpiece and your apex locator to the apex clip.

S5 Rotary System

Yes, the S5 files can be used in the S1 contra-angle handpiece.

Yes, our Big Apical Files in sizes ISO 35, ISO 40, ISO 45 and ISO 50, all with a taper of .04, are available for use with the S5 system.

No, our recommendation is to use your regular irrigation solution (sodium hypochlorite) and to irrigate sufficiently.

S5 Apex Locator

Always check the necessary safety precautions – for more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use accompanying the S5 Apex Locator.

The S5 Apex Locator touch probe can be cleaned using a washer disinfector. However, for the file clip we recommend autoclaving as it is not intended for processing in a washer disinfector.

The lip clip can be processed in a washer disinfector and by autoclaving.

The measurement cable should never be processed in a washer disinfector and must NOT be autoclaved. It can be cleaned using wipes soaked in alcohol.

No, the device is calibrated automatically.

The file clip and lip hooks, not the patient cable.