S5 Rotary System

S5 Rotary System

Yes, the S5 files can be used in the S1 contra-angle handpiece.

Yes, our Big Apical Files in sizes ISO 35, ISO 40, ISO 45 and ISO 50, all with a taper of .04, are available for use with the S5 system.

No, our recommendation is to use your regular irrigation solution (sodium hypochlorite) and to irrigate sufficiently.

No, charge the S5 Endo Motor periodically. The lithium-ion battery will then perfom better over time.

Use setting no. 3 on your S5 Endo Motor / or 2,3 Ncm.

2.5 hrs continously.

Yes, just connect the S5 Apex Clip to the S5 Endo Motor and your apex locator to the apex clip.

Always check the necessary safety precautions – for more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use accompanying the S5 Endo Motor.