SendoSeal MTA

SendoSeal MTA


SendoSeal MTA has a film thickness of 15 μm.

SendoSeal MTA has a radiopacity of 10,5 mm AL.

Yes, you can use other kind of cannulas, with a Luer lock mount. Please note that the smaller dimension you choose for you cannula, the harder it is to press the material out of the syringe.

The SendoSeal MTA shall be stored in room temperature. The syringe shall be stored in the aluminium pouch in between use.

Yes, that is possible, but in a case that you need to do so we recommend that you use a warm plugger to be able to remove the master point gutta-percha to a point where you would like to place your post. After that you prepare for you post as you normally do.

If you don’t want to / or do not have a warm plugger available, we recommend that you wait 48 hours before preparing for a post.

The initial setting time is 12,5 minutes. In all MTA based materials, products the setting/ hardening of the material will continue over a longer time.

The possibility to apply SendoSeal MTA direct into the root canal is of course a handling benefit.

MTA based materials needs moisture to set, SendoSeal MTA will receive moisture from the humidity and in addition there is always moisture in the root canal, that’s the reason that you don’t have to mix the material.

If you don’t dry the root canal completely you will notice that the setting time for the material will be reduced.