Hygiene & Maintenance

Hygiene & Maintenance

All Sendoline files and instruments are single-use since 2016.

In 2016 Sendoline decided to change the labelling from multiple use to single use. The reason is the difficulties in the cleaning and re-sterilisation process and the risk for disease transmission after re-use.

The size and shape of the instruments make it difficult to remove all biologic material during decontamination procedures, and this risk increases further after each repeated use. Treating root canal instruments as single use devices, which is already the recommendation in some countries, eliminates this potential risk.

Our commitment is to provide solutions for safe and high-quality endodontic treatment. Therefore, switching to single use is perfectly in line with Sendoline’s business philosophy and a way to show that we care.

Also, in the long term, single use is the most cost-effective solution with many benefits to the patient and the dental team:

  • Safer – eliminates risks for cross infections and reduces the risk of file-breakage.
  • Time saving – reduces cleaning and re-sterilization procedures.
  • Efficient – new files improve the cutting efficiency.